My name is Tanya (in official documents: Tatiana). I am a fifth year PhD student at MIT Linguistics. My areas of interest are semantics, syntax and fieldwork. The topics I am thinking about lately are: semantics of clausal embedding, factivity alternations, polarity subjunctives, complex agreement systems, A-bar movement.

Before coming to MIT, I received a BA and an MA in Linguistics at Lomonosov Moscow State University (Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics) where I was advised by Sergei Tatevosov. While being at MSU, I was working on such topics as the syntax of sentential complementation in Altaic languages (Balkar, Barguzin Buryat), the Georgian aspectual system, and repetitive adverbs in structures with dative arguments. I have been a member of  Moscow State University linguistic field trips into Altaic languages for 6 years.

Apart from linguistics, I really enjoy snowboarding and doing artistic gymnastics. I am a member of MIT’s women’s gymnastics team.

You can reach me at tbond [at] mit [dot] edu.