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Semantics & Syntax of attitude reports

Kinds of objects in the denotations of embedded CPs

The dual life of embedded CPs: evidence from Russian čto-clauses. Proceedings of the 31st Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference (SALT 31). Paper.

CP conjunction and CP disjunction

[with Itai Bassi] Composing CPs: Evidence from Disjunction and Conjunction. To appear in Proceedings of the 30th Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference (SALT 30).

argument & event structure of attitude verbs
Two paths to explain: clausal embedding with verbs of speech. Manuscript.

Earlier work within this project: WCCFL proceedings, BCGL13 handout.


Hyperraising and Logical Form: evidence from Buryat. Poster presented at GLOW 43. LFRG handout.
(see earlier related work on accusative subjects below)


Bondarenko, Tatiana. 2020. Factivity from pre-existence: Evidence from Barguzin Buryat. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 5(1): 109. 1–35. DOI:  

Earlier work within this project: Generals Paper, WAFL proceedings, SALT proceedings.

A-bar dependencies

[with Colin Davis] Insights about cyclic syntax from cross-clausal
scrambling and subject case in Balkar. Paper (under review).

Earlier work within this project: WCCFL handout, WCCFL proceedings.

[with Colin Davis] Concealed Pied-Piping in Russian: On Left Branch Extraction, Parasitic Gaps, and Beyond. Paper (accepted to Syntax).

Earlier work within this project:  NELS handout, NELS proceedings

[with Colin Davis] Linearization asymmetries in Russian left branch extraction. Presented as a talk at FASL 28, CLS 55 and LSA 2020.  FASL proceedings


Kartvelian agreement

[with Stanislao Zompí] Leftover Agreement. Paper (under review).

Earlier work within this project: poster, handout, WCCFL proceedings paper.

Passamaquoddy agreement

Feature gluttony for Algonquian: inverse in Passamaquoddy.  Generals Paper (MIT) manuscript (Committee: S. Iatridou, S. Flynn, A. Albright). Handout (for Chicago Linguistics Society 56).  LSA slides.


Syntax of constructions with sentential arguments (in Altaic languages)

accusative subjects in embedded contexts
ECM in Buryat and the optionality of movement. In Proceedings of WAFL 12, MIT Working Papers in Linguistics, #83, 2017.
extended version of the paper
Passivization of matrix predicates in the light of constructions with accusative subjects: the case of Barguzin Buryat. In Ural-Altaic Studies №3 (26), 2017, P. 117-126.
the volume, my paper at the electronic p.118

Subject marking and scrambling effects in Balkar nominalizations. In Proceedings of Tu+ (2015), UMass occasional papers in linguistics. 2018. P. 27-42.
pre-print version of the paper 
[in Russian] Nominalization strategies in Barguzin Buryat (“Strategiji nominalizacii v barguzinskom dialekte buryatskogo yazyka”). Ural-Altaic Studies, № 4 (31) 2018. P. 95-111.
the volume, my paper at the electronic p.96

voice restructuring
Passivization in the -ȝa-converb construction in Barguzin Buryat: On the syntactic representation of voice. In Voprosy Jazykoznanija (“Topics in the study of language”), №3, 2018, P. 40-71.
pre-print version of the paper

Voice restructuring in Buryat. In Céleste Guillemot, Tomoyuki Yoshida and Seunghun, J. Lee Ciscel (eds.) Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL 13), MIT Working Papers in Linguistics, #88, 2018. P. 101-114. pre-print version of the paper

Repetitives in structures with dative arguments

On distinguishing dative arguments from PPs. Paper to appear in a (peer-reviewed) festschrift. Paper [with some sentences painted over to conceal the identity of the person in whose honor the festschrift is].

    • Earlier work within this project:
      Results, Repetitives and Datives: towards an account of the crosslinguistic variation. Paper presented as a poster at Endpoints, scales, and results in the decomposition of verbal predicates
      (ENDPOINTS 2018), Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, 2018.
      extended handout

Bondarenko, Tatiana. 2018. Russian datives again: On the (im)possibility of the small clause analysis. In Denisa Lenertová, Roland Meyer, Radek Šimík & Luka Szucsich (eds.), Advances in formal Slavic linguistics 2016, P. 25-51. Berlin: Language Science Press.
online (open access), see chapter 2

[in Russian] Repetitives in constructions with dative arguments (“Repetitivy v konstrukcijax s dativnymi argumentami”). MA thesis (under supervision of Sergei Tatevosov), Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2017.
MA thesis

Constructions with two objects again: Georgian and Russian – vs – English. In Proceedings of Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters, Vol. 3 (2016), MSPU, Moscow. (“Tipologija morfosintaksičeskyx parametrov: materialy meždunarodnoj konferenzii “tipologija morfosintaksičeskyx parametrov”, Vypusk 3 (2016), MPGU, Moskva”). P. 28-55.
pre-print version of the paper

Georgian aspectual system

[in Russian] Two aspectual subsystems of Georgian (“Dve aspektual’nye podsistemy v gruzinskom yazyke”). In Voprosy Jazykoznanija (“Topics in the study of language”), №4, 2017, p. 74-100.
pre-print version of the paper

Russian Ellipsis

[with J.F. Bailyn]. Theoretical and empirical issues in Russian ellipsis. In J. van Craenenbroeck & T. Temmerman (eds.). The Oxford Handbook of Ellipsis. 2019. P. 988-1019.
draft of the chapter